Customer service

In the world of online business and great competition between merchants, it’s pretty difficult not only to satisfy customer requests with relevant products (almost any online companies can offer a wide range of essential products) but mainly provide fast, reliable and smart customer service, they expect. This is clear because more e-commerce business is growing more difficult is to maintain end-user preferences. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small online store or a huge mall anyway, if customer service has poor skills, you will not notice significant differences.

Online chat integration

If you want your Internet business to become successful and popular among customers, online chat is one of the most effective customer service channels that will help to implement. The client has the opportunity to ask questions in real time without waiting for a long time to get an answer, and the site owner can more clearly understand his preferences. Online chats are useful when FAQ sections can’t give complete information about products or services, but the customer thinks that he isn’t so urgent and significant to pick up the phone to know something. Don ’t forget that online chat rooms must be available all the time because unstable work will not attract people to your online shopping mall. They want to get a direct channel for your support and expect fast service.

Social media support activities

Over the recent period, social media and especially sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become quite popular e-commerce customer service channels. The social media online store page allows you to track customer preferences and identify trends. In addition, with social media, you can post all complaints directly to online stores and the support team can respond immediately.Also, social media allows you to build a brand and show the most pleasant service to your customers. It’s a well-known fact that most conversations occur in the public so politely and exhaustive answers interest customers in your company and expand sales through the Internet.

Promotion and marketing on forums and chats.

Each business, association, website, blog needs promotion. Rare are those which can rely only on Words of Mouth and natural refering. Except if you are a big corporation with sufficient funds to advertise on TV, you will certainly search for cheap but efficient ways to promote your actions.When you search the internet for ways to promote your website, you’ll be advised by almost everybody to use a forum and messengers. 

Telephone support

The phone is one of the most commonly used channels of customer service in e-commerce. A phone number on a webpage increases website reputation and customer confidence. People want to talk to real sellers and be sure that their preferences and complaints will be heard. In addition, Sometimes the client wants to get more specific information regarding the issues of payment, delivery, warranty.Some websites want to reduce the costs of their call centers and hide their phone numbers instead of providing clients with email and social media that can really confuse them. Of course, It’s a good solution, but not a substitute for phone support.

What does web project owner do?

The answer is simple, only high-quality customer support can save your business. Make your customers feel like their requests are always valid and they can be sure that they will receive assistance in a short period. Offer an idea to the customer that he is the only special and valuable customer that will really increase the reputation of your online project. This is a case where customer service over the phone, chat, and email becomes particularly important.